InterTest® Inc. Announces the HD USB 3.0 Interface Board and iShot® XBlock® Indoor HD USB 3.0 POV Camera with Integrated Sony FCB-MA130 Camera – Featuring the OneView Driver, Now Available for LINUX

Columbia, NJ – InterTest® Inc., an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in remote visual solutions is currently offering an HD USB 3.0 interface board kit for use with Sony’s FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132 and FCB-MA133 camera modules. The compact HD USB 3.0 interface board, which measures 34mm x 25mm, comes with OneView, a free unlimited access viewer. OneView is designed to fully support all the available features of the FCB-MA130 series including auto focus, image stabilization, face detection, exposure modes, EV correction, white balance, color correction, vertical/horizontal flip, and ATR dynamic range controls.

iShot XBlock Mini HD USB 3.0 Camera with Integrated Sony FCB-MA130In addition, OneView also has the key ability to manage video recording functions. The HD USB 3.0 interface board supports streaming of 1080p video at 30 frames per second and still image capture of up to 13 megapixels. Additionally, OneView has the key ability to record FCB-MA130 video and images to any solid state hard drive.

The OneView, UVC viewer application is also available for LINUX.  OneView has been transferred to LINUX allowing the end user to adjust video streaming parameters and mage controls. Functions unique to the FCB-MA130 camera series are also provided via extension controls and direct read and write access to the camera registers.  Developed and supported for Ubuntu, OneView for LINUX uses the V4L2 (Video for Linux 2) driver.  A LINUX solution is important for certain OEM customers, allowing them to produce a solution without buying an operating system.

HD USB 3.0 Interface Board for Sony FCB-MA130 Series of CamerasInterTest® Inc. also integrated the FCB-MA130 camera module and USB 3.0 board into an HD indoor camera housing for POV (point of view) unique placement requirements. This complete HD USB 3.0 POV camera package is ultra-compact in size and ready to use with the OneView software. The iShot® XBlock® USB 3.0 Indoor POV Camera will be available for viewing and demonstration on April 13-16, 2015 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, Booth C12350.

Bill Habermann, Intertest Inc. Pres., said, “The MA13X family with USB 3.0 interface brings superior HD performance in a small cost effective package.  We are excited to have this capability and to be integrating it into our inspection and remote vision products.  Customers have long been asking for HD video with megapixel stills.  Now we can deliver an industrial grade product at an attractive price point.”

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