iShot® XBlock® HD-SDI MA130 Interface Board for the Sony FCB-MA130 Camera Series

The SMPTE HD-SDI MA130 interface allows robust transmission of high definition 720p and 1080p video over long distances using standard 75ohm coaxial cable. With the iShot® HD-SDI MA130 and the Sony FCB-Micro cameras (FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132,  FCB-MA133) high definition video can be transmitted from highly constrained spaces, to be used in professional A/V systems.

iShot XBlock HD-SDI Interface Board for the Sony FCB-MA130 Series of CamerasThe iShot® HD-SDI MA130 implements a SMPTE 292M HD-SDI interface, providing SMPTE 296M (720p30) and SMPTE 274M (1080p30) video streaming options.

A unique feature of the iShot® HD-SDI MA130 is the control of FCB-Micro modules over the VISCA protocol, facilitating integration of the module in systems and applications interoperable with Sony’s FCB block camera modules. The VISCA protocol operates over a standard RS-232 interface, which can be reconfigured to RS-485 for long distance control.

The iShot® HD-SDI MA130 includes nonvolatile storage allowing persistent storage of camera parameters. The default setup provides 1080p30 video streaming with the FCB-Micro cameras (FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132,  FCB-MA133) connected directly out of the box. The control serial link can operate as RS-232 or RS-485, selectable via on-board DIP switches.

The iShot® HD-SDI MA130 interfaces with the FCB-Micro’s parallel CMOS interface or the MIPI CSI-2 interface. YCbCr 4:2:2 data or MIPI CSI-2 data is transferred over a 45 pin, 0.5mm pitch FFC/FPC cable. External 5V power is sufficient to power both the camera module and the iShot®HD-SDI MA130, removing the need for a separate power supply. All of the required voltage regulators required to power the FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132 or  FCB-MA133 camera modules are integrated.

InterTest, Inc. is an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.

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