Introducing the FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 – Sony’s New Full HD High Sensitivity Color Block Cameras,1080p60

Introducing Sony’s new high-sensitivity, high-quality FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 block cameras.

The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 models incorporate Sony’s latest 1/2.8 type Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor with Full HD video (1920 x 1080) at 60 fps for extrodinary sensitivity.

The new FCB-EV series cameras offer 20x and 30x optical zoom plus a multitude of Sony’s world-renowned FCB features including Auto ICR, Spherical Privacy Zone Masking (PZM) and settable defog.

Sony FCB-EV7320 and FCB-EV7520








Sony FCB-EV7520:  2.13 megapixel FHD Block Camera @ 60fps and 30x Optical Zoom

Sony FCB-EV7320:  2.13 megapixel FHD Block Camera @ 60fps and 20x Optical Zoom

Upgraded Features & Benefits

Wide-D Mode:  The new Sony FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras monitor the luminance differences within an image in high contrast environments and boast a key improvement of 130dB when set to max WDR.

Privacy Zone Masking:  Privacy Zone Masking protects private objects and areas such as house windows, entrances, and exits which are within the camera’s range of vision but not subject to surveillance. Privacy zones can be masked on the monitor to protect privacy.

Defog mode:  When the surrounding area of the subject is foggy and low contrast, the defog mode will make the subject appear clearer.  Defog features user-adjustable levels for the first time camera initialization.

Auto ICR Function:  The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras feature a high sensitivity imager, ideal for day/night functions.

Features and Benefits

The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras capture crisp, clear Full-HD (1080/60p) images:  The high-performance 1/2.8-type Exmor R CMOS image sensor achieves superb Full-HD (1920 x 1080) picture quality, even in low-light environments. Progressive scanning assures smoother pictures with reduced blur – ideal for capturing the detail in moving images.

Digital Output (Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2):  The digital LVDS interface provides easy access for IP and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Thanks to the digital interface, the quality of the camera’s video signal is maintained with minimal deterioration.  This can lead to cost savings due to the direct connection with codecs/systems without the need for any additional components.

Get a steadier picture with image stabilizer:  The camera’s built-in image stabilizer function counters the effect of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. This is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications, particularly if the camera is used on a bridge or mounting pole where there is vibration.

Color Enhancement:  Ideally suited for low vision applications, new color enhancement options can make reading text and pictures less challenging.   Available options include monochrome, binary, inverted and enhanced color modes.

Additional Key Features

  • Digital 2D/3D Noise Reduction
  • Spherical Zone Masking
  • Motion Detection Alarm
  • Camera mode display feature
  • Picture Effects: E-Flip, Nega Art, Black & White, Mirror Image, Color Enhancement
  • Electronic shutter/slow shutter
  • TTL signal-level control (VISCA protocol)

Low-Light Suggested Applications

  • Security Surveillance
  • Intelligent Traffic
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Video Conferencing


InterTest, Inc. is an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.


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