Top 6 Ways the Weldwatch® Video Camera System Enhances Welding Instruction

Video playback is a proven method used for a wide spectrum of training from beginner golfers to professional athletes. When it comes to welding, instructors often complain about giving demos that only a few students up-front can see. The Weldwatch® Video Camera System addresses this painpoint head on. With big screen demos and built-in digital recording, demos can be shown time and again to students. The on-screen playback can also free the instructor to narrate and engage the students instead of being hidden under a helmet. Taking it a step further, the live welds and recordings both also display the volts and amps along the weld timeline.

Case to point, Weldwatch® Video Camera System enhances welding instruction. Here are the top 6 reasons why your school or facility would benefit from integrating the WeldWatch Camera System as a teaching tool:

  1. Ease of Setup
  • Ready to use in the welding classroom with minimal setup.
  • Swing arm components attach easily attach to most welding/work benches.
  • Complete System: Camera, swing arm mounts, touchscreen, VAmpWatch and cables. We even include a table lamp to light the workspace.
  • The included Touchscreen PC comes loaded with the Visible Welding software.
  • Just turn it on and the camera video is on-screen.
  1. Ease of Use
  • Quickly get the perfect camera angle.
  • Flexible articulated arm allows quick camera placement anywhere above the weld table.
  • 10x Optical Zoom allows having the camera out of the way
  • Voltage and amperage readings onscreen, both live and when replaying video
  • Automation allows the instructor to instruct: Auto Focus, Exposure and Record
  • Automatic recording trigged by arc
  • Records standard AVI video files and high-quality JPEG stills
  • Playback videos at normal speed or slow motion.
  • WeldWatch software has large, well-labeled, welder-friendly buttons.
  1. Powerful Camera Technology with Volt and Amp Data
  • See the torch tip, leading/trailing edges of the weld pool, feed wire and base metals during the weld.
  • An industry highest dynamic range allows captures the super-bright light of welding
  • Single-frame dynamic range of 140 dB (10,000,000:1)
  • Inter-frame dynamic range of 180 dB (1,000,000,000:1).
  • The quality of our recorded videos speaks for itself
  1. Classroom Weld Demonstrations
  • Live welding can be put on a large display for an entire class, not just a few in the front row.
  • This frees instructors from repeated demos to give everyone a view so instructors can do more 1-on-1 work with students.
  • Students can view a live weld on-screen from a safe area without cumbersome helmets or face shield.
  • With demos recorded, students can review the demo if they need refreshing.
  1. “One on One” Weld Tutoring
  • The weld instructor can watch the student’s weld onscreen as the welding is taking place.
  • While watching the weld, the instructor gives timely feedback (e.g. “slow down” or “your arc is getting long”).
  • After the weld, instructor and student review the recorded weld video and Volt-Amps video together.
  • With a clear idea of areas to improve, the student can go back to their weld booth to practice – with a goal.
  1. Collective, Shared Learning
  • Video files created can be saved building a library of demos (proper welds as well as common errors).
  • Share amongst the welding community, Any recorded videos or pictures are easily saved and shared with colleagues in and out of the classroom.
  • Unique opportunities to gain insight from other instructors.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about the Weldwatch® Video Camera System and if you qualify for our educational institution discount. We can’t wait to hear from you.  |  Office: 908-496-8008  |  Toll Free (U.S.): 800-535-3626


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