iShot® iGrab™ FOSAR Manual Retrieval Tool Kits – 5 Piece Set

Our iShot® iGrab™ FOSAR Manual Retrieval Tool Kit is equipped with all the necessary tools needed for removing foreign objects in a small, inaccessible area. The Manual Retrieval Kit includes Fork & Tine, Gripping Pliers, Viper, Snare, 1/4-inch Magnet and storage case.  Kits are available in 6 lengths – 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet .


  • Convenient All-In-One Kit Includes Fork & Tine, Gripping Pliers, Viper, Snare, Magnet and Storage Case
  • Available in 6 lengths – 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet
  • For some FOSAR applications, the retrieval tool operates in conjunction with a video probe (see description for details)
  • The custom Plunger Style Retrieval Tool Handle designed for the iShot Retrieval Tools transfers excellent gripping power to the retrieval head
  • Flexibility of the stainless steel body allows for the retrieval instrument to bends and twist through the narrowest passages
  • Our 15 and 25 foot Kits are Commonly in Stock

Full HD Micro Camera! iShot® Full HD 15mm Micro Camera System

Full HD Micro Camera with a 15mm OD for Industrial OEM Integrations

InterTest introduces the iShot Full HD micro camera with a 15mm OD camera head, camera control unit, Display DVR, A variety of cable lengths and lenses to suit your specific application.

Full HD Micro Camera

Our full HD micro camera system provides a highly detail image boasting a video resolution of 1920 x 1080 with 60 fps in a compact housing measuring only 15mm OD x 36.5mm. Our desktop CCU is available as stationary or can be upgraded to portable, 8 hour battery life. Full HD 7″ portable display with DVR captures inspection video or still images.

iShot® 7mm Micro Camera for Industrial Custom Integrations – QN43H

The iShot 7mm micro camera with 7mm outer diameter camera head was designed for easy integration into custom systems or used as a standalone camera. Small size and various adaptable mainboards enable the EM-QN43H 7mm micro camera to be used in a wide range of applications.


7mm Micro Camera

The iShot 7mm micro camera is capable of gathering high quality video in low light conditions including wet, submersible, hazardous, high-temperature, radiation and EMI-prone environments. Intertest offers a series of system components designed specifically for the QN43H micro cameras. The components available accomplish sophisticated tasks beyond the range of traditional camera accessories.

Cabling is available in PVC or Teflon® in lengths of 3.5M or 15M. The Teflon® cable option operates in environments up to 550F (290C).

The iShot 7mm micro camera is fully compatible with the Toshiba IK-CU44A CCU and the Elmo CC431E CCU. The iShot 7mm Micro camera head replaces the ELMO QN42H and the Toshiba IK-SM43H.

7mm Micro Camera in Rugged housing and Cabling.

iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System with 12mm Camera Head

The iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System is a compact, Full HD 12mm diameter camera head on a 3 or 5-meter cable, lens and camera control unit perfect for monitoring and inspection needs. This versatile system delivers up to 1080i/30fps HD resolution on any HDMI monitor. The easy-to-use camera control unit gives the user zoom, shutter speed, white balance, gain and exposure manual control as well as offering automatic control settings. The system is powered through a USB port or a wall AC Adaptor.

The Full HD micro camera head is 12mm in diameter (.500”) with a 1/3” CMOS sensor and comes with 4 options of lenses: 3.1mm, 6mm, 16mm, or 30mm focal length. Lenses have manual aperture control and are easily interchangeable.

The iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System is ideal for remote visual inspection or machine vision in manufacturing/production, aerospace, and power generation applications.

InterTest®, Inc. Announces The First iShot® Full HD PTZ Camera – Introducing the iShot® PTZ-550A HD Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera System

The iShot® PTZ-550A HD Camera System is InterTest’s first Full HD 1080p Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera.  The video output of the system is a component video signal (YPbPr) the camera head can be submerged in up to 100 feet of water.

The iShot® PTZ-550A HD camera system uses Sony’s FCB-EV7500 HD camera module which has a 30x optical zoom lens and over three million pixels. The Full HD PTZ camera is equipped with a full suite of automatic and manual settings for exposure values, Day/Night mode, zoom, focus, auto focus, and image stabilization which are accessible from the onscreen menu as well as specific buttons built onto the controller for quick changes.

The system can fit through 5.5 inches openings and is 7.2lbs (Camera Head) The Full HD PTZ 550A HD camera head has the ability to Pan continuously 360 degrees, as well as Tilt 245 Degrees.  The Full HD PTZ head of the camera is outfitted with two 35 Watt Halogen Lamps, one with a spot reflector the other with a flood reflector.  Each light is independently controlled, allowing the user to manually adjust lighting to dynamic environments.

The system includes the PTZ-550A HD Camera Head Assembly with integrated Sony FCB-EH7500, a Control Box for manipulation of the mechanical motions, the lighting system, and the advanced controls of the Full HD PTZ camera module itself. Also included is a 100 ft. Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable with deployment reel.

The PTZ-550A HD is easily implemented onto pre-existing mounting mechanism and was designed with being easily retrofitted to pre-existing inspection stations.


Common applications for the PTZ-550A HD include Nuclear Fuel Bundle/Serial Number Verification, Reactor Vessel, Large Pipe Inspections, Monitoring of Contaminated Rooms and Hot Cells, Steam Generator Bowl and Secondary Side Inspection, and Tanks and Vessels. Some other non-nuclear applications include Weld Inspections, Corrosion Evaluation, Fuel tank inspection and any kind of application where human access is either dangerous or impossible.

The LIBERTY USB 3.0 Interface Board – Designed for Use with Sony FCB-EV and EH Block Cameras

The LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board extends the range of cameras that can be integrated into products with applications and markets including Video Conferencing, Inspection Systems, UAVs, Robotics, Low Vision and Machine Vision. Click Here to view the full product page and specifications.

usb-3-interface-board-libertyThe LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board is capable of streaming 1080p at 30fps over USB3.0 and also includes push button inputs, PWM output for external LED light control and an efficient, selectable power supply for the attached camera. Also provided is a unique, free Software Development Kit for use with the LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board, the SDK includes an easy to use application programming interface API and the source code for the OneView viewer program.  Despite its relatively small size, LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board can efficiently stream full HD video without compromise directly into a PC and is fully compatible with VREO’s viewer application OneView as well as other UVC programs. LIBERTY is very compact with dimensions of 37mm x 37mm x 12mm, this makes it the smallest solution of its kind.


usb-3-interface-board-for-sony-blocksusb-3-interface-board-for-sony-eh-and-ev-camerasUSB 3.0 board and Micro Coax Cable Kit for Sony  block cameras is capable of streaming 1080p at 30fps and includes a push button inputs for camera zoom control, PWM output for external LED light control, and an efficient selectable power supply for the attached camera. Compatible with Sony FCB-EV7500, FCB-EV7520, FCB-EV7300, FCB-EV7320, FCB-EV7310,  FCB-EV7100,  FCB-EV5500,  FCB-EV5300,  FCB-EV6500,  FCB-EV6300,  FCB-EV3410,  FCB-EV3310, and FCB-EV3150.

LIBERTY extends the range of cameras that can be integrated into your USB 3.0 products. This board provides a USB3.0 interface for the well established SONY FCB block cameras providing a cost effective way to bring USB 3.0 into your product lines, reducing time to market and development costs. LIBERTY is a very compact and efficient solution allowing a one cable interface to a PC and comes with free bespoke application called OneView which will help you evaluate the board and camera for your application.  LIBERTY is capable of streaming 1080p at 30fps over USB 3.0 and includes a push button inputs for camera zoom control, PWM output for external LED light control, and an efficient selectable power supply for the attached camera. As well as being powered completely over the USB bus, Liberty allows the user to command the camera using free bespoke program OneView.

LIBERTY communicates with the SONY Block cameras with a micro coaxial cable connected to the back of the board while also providing the power for the camera over the same connection, making auxiliary power cables optional.   The board also features a dip switch selectable power output for cameras which use a different voltage making a future camera upgrade or repair faster and much cheaper.

LIBERTY has a small form factor of only 37mm x 37mm x 12mm making it the smallest solution of its kind!  Even though the board is tiny, LIBERTY efficiently streams Full HD video without compromise directly into a PC and is fully compatible with free bespoke program OneView as well as other UVC programs.  LIBERTY is a perfect choice for both, brand new systems being designed for future use, and older systems that are getting updated and upgraded.

Introducing the FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 – Sony’s New Full HD High Sensitivity Color Block Cameras,1080p60

Introducing Sony’s new high-sensitivity, high-quality FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 block cameras.

The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 models incorporate Sony’s latest 1/2.8 type Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor with Full HD video (1920 x 1080) at 60 fps for extrodinary sensitivity.

The new FCB-EV series cameras offer 20x and 30x optical zoom plus a multitude of Sony’s world-renowned FCB features including Auto ICR, Spherical Privacy Zone Masking (PZM) and settable defog.

Sony FCB-EV7320 and FCB-EV7520








Sony FCB-EV7520:  2.13 megapixel FHD Block Camera @ 60fps and 30x Optical Zoom

Sony FCB-EV7320:  2.13 megapixel FHD Block Camera @ 60fps and 20x Optical Zoom

Upgraded Features & Benefits

Wide-D Mode:  The new Sony FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras monitor the luminance differences within an image in high contrast environments and boast a key improvement of 130dB when set to max WDR.

Privacy Zone Masking:  Privacy Zone Masking protects private objects and areas such as house windows, entrances, and exits which are within the camera’s range of vision but not subject to surveillance. Privacy zones can be masked on the monitor to protect privacy.

Defog mode:  When the surrounding area of the subject is foggy and low contrast, the defog mode will make the subject appear clearer.  Defog features user-adjustable levels for the first time camera initialization.

Auto ICR Function:  The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras feature a high sensitivity imager, ideal for day/night functions.

Features and Benefits

The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras capture crisp, clear Full-HD (1080/60p) images:  The high-performance 1/2.8-type Exmor R CMOS image sensor achieves superb Full-HD (1920 x 1080) picture quality, even in low-light environments. Progressive scanning assures smoother pictures with reduced blur – ideal for capturing the detail in moving images.

Digital Output (Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2):  The digital LVDS interface provides easy access for IP and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Thanks to the digital interface, the quality of the camera’s video signal is maintained with minimal deterioration.  This can lead to cost savings due to the direct connection with codecs/systems without the need for any additional components.

Get a steadier picture with image stabilizer:  The camera’s built-in image stabilizer function counters the effect of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. This is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications, particularly if the camera is used on a bridge or mounting pole where there is vibration.

Color Enhancement:  Ideally suited for low vision applications, new color enhancement options can make reading text and pictures less challenging.   Available options include monochrome, binary, inverted and enhanced color modes.

Additional Key Features

  • Digital 2D/3D Noise Reduction
  • Spherical Zone Masking
  • Motion Detection Alarm
  • Camera mode display feature
  • Picture Effects: E-Flip, Nega Art, Black & White, Mirror Image, Color Enhancement
  • Electronic shutter/slow shutter
  • TTL signal-level control (VISCA protocol)

Low-Light Suggested Applications

  • Security Surveillance
  • Intelligent Traffic
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Video Conferencing


InterTest, Inc. is an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.


iShot® iGrab™ Manual FOSAR Snare Retrieval Tool – Available in 1.4mm and 4mm OD

Recover objects from inaccessible areas with the iShot® iGrab™ 1.4mm or 4mm OD FOSAR Snare retrieval tool. Operating standalone or mounted to a video probe, these stainless steel instruments bend through twisting passages to retrieve foreign objects.fosar-snare-retrieval-tool

Shown Above: FOSAR Snare Retrieval Tool with 1.4mm OD


The 1.4mm FOSAR Snare retrieval tool is available in lengths of 10 or 20 feet.   the 4mm FOSAR Snare retrieval tool is available in lengths of 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet.

The plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the FOSAR Snare retrieval tools when removing foreign objects from small openings located in inaccessible areas.

1.4mm OD Snare Retrieval Tool Overview:

  • 1.4mm outer diameter x 10 or 20 feet in length
  • Plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the Snare FOSAR retrieval tool
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safely retrieve foreign objects from small, inaccessible areas
  • Works well with video borescopes

4mm OD Snare Retrieval Tool Overview:

  • 4mm outer diameter snare retrieval tool
  • Lengths available: 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet
  • Plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the Snare FOSAR retrieval tool
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safely retrieve foreign objects from small, inaccessible areas
  • Works well with video borescopes

iShot® XBlock® HD-SDI MA130 Interface Board for the Sony FCB-MA130 Camera Series

The SMPTE HD-SDI MA130 interface allows robust transmission of high definition 720p and 1080p video over long distances using standard 75ohm coaxial cable. With the iShot® HD-SDI MA130 and the Sony FCB-Micro cameras (FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132,  FCB-MA133) high definition video can be transmitted from highly constrained spaces, to be used in professional A/V systems.

iShot XBlock HD-SDI Interface Board for the Sony FCB-MA130 Series of CamerasThe iShot® HD-SDI MA130 implements a SMPTE 292M HD-SDI interface, providing SMPTE 296M (720p30) and SMPTE 274M (1080p30) video streaming options.

A unique feature of the iShot® HD-SDI MA130 is the control of FCB-Micro modules over the VISCA protocol, facilitating integration of the module in systems and applications interoperable with Sony’s FCB block camera modules. The VISCA protocol operates over a standard RS-232 interface, which can be reconfigured to RS-485 for long distance control.

The iShot® HD-SDI MA130 includes nonvolatile storage allowing persistent storage of camera parameters. The default setup provides 1080p30 video streaming with the FCB-Micro cameras (FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132,  FCB-MA133) connected directly out of the box. The control serial link can operate as RS-232 or RS-485, selectable via on-board DIP switches.

The iShot® HD-SDI MA130 interfaces with the FCB-Micro’s parallel CMOS interface or the MIPI CSI-2 interface. YCbCr 4:2:2 data or MIPI CSI-2 data is transferred over a 45 pin, 0.5mm pitch FFC/FPC cable. External 5V power is sufficient to power both the camera module and the iShot®HD-SDI MA130, removing the need for a separate power supply. All of the required voltage regulators required to power the FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132 or  FCB-MA133 camera modules are integrated.

InterTest, Inc. is an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.

Mirror Weld Camera – View and Record Welds with the Visible Welding® WeldWatch® UDR Welding Camera System

Visible Welding’s WeldWatch® Ultra Dynamic Range (UDR) video weld cameras change the playing field for mirror welding applications.

Visible Welding UHD-2014-Z Weld Viewing Camera - InterTest

The Visible Welding UDR-2014-Z Weld Viewing Camera system allows the welder to view the weld in process without the use of filters or a welding helmet.

Welders traditionally use mirrors to weld what they cannot see. The back of pipes and other confined spaces are awkward to weld with a mirror and require a skilled welder to deliver high quality “blind welds”.

This video documents the successful beta testing of blind welding with video goggles and Visible Welding’s UHD video weld camera.

Record and view the weld arc, electrode, puddle, joint and surrounding base material before, during and after the welding process with the Visible Welding® WeldWatch® UDR weld camera.

The featured weld camera with Ultra Dynamic Range (UDR) and 10x zoom is specifically designed for live viewing of arc welding. In addition, video and stills can be digitally recorded for education, analysis, email or archiving. With a dynamic-range of over 10,000,000:1, the camera can capture both arc and metal simultaneously without the use of filters.


  • Full color, resolutions up to 1024 x 1024
  • 140 dB dynamic range (10,000,000:1)
  • 30 fps (frames per second) at 640 x 480
  • Built-in lens with 10x optical zoom
  • Filter-less allowing arc in any location in field of view
  • USB-3 Connection for power and communication
  • Compact 2″ x 2.5″ x 4″ (50mm x 62mm x 100mm)