iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System with 12mm Camera Head

The iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System is a compact, Full HD 12mm diameter camera head on a 3 or 5-meter cable, lens and camera control unit perfect for monitoring and inspection needs. This versatile system delivers up to 1080i/30fps HD resolution on any HDMI monitor. The easy-to-use camera control unit gives the user zoom, shutter speed, white balance, gain and exposure manual control as well as offering automatic control settings. The system is powered through a USB port or a wall AC Adaptor.

The Full HD micro camera head is 12mm in diameter (.500”) with a 1/3” CMOS sensor and comes with 4 options of lenses: 3.1mm, 6mm, 16mm, or 30mm focal length. Lenses have manual aperture control and are easily interchangeable.

The iShot® Full HD Micro Camera System is ideal for remote visual inspection or machine vision in manufacturing/production, aerospace, and power generation applications.

InterTest®, Inc. Announces The First iShot® Full HD PTZ Camera – Introducing the iShot® PTZ-550A HD Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera System

The iShot® PTZ-550A HD Camera System is InterTest’s first Full HD 1080p Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera.  The video output of the system is a component video signal (YPbPr) the camera head can be submerged in up to 100 feet of water.

The iShot® PTZ-550A HD camera system uses Sony’s FCB-EV7500 HD camera module which has a 30x optical zoom lens and over three million pixels. The Full HD PTZ camera is equipped with a full suite of automatic and manual settings for exposure values, Day/Night mode, zoom, focus, auto focus, and image stabilization which are accessible from the onscreen menu as well as specific buttons built onto the controller for quick changes.

The system can fit through 5.5 inches openings and is 7.2lbs (Camera Head) The Full HD PTZ 550A HD camera head has the ability to Pan continuously 360 degrees, as well as Tilt 245 Degrees.  The Full HD PTZ head of the camera is outfitted with two 35 Watt Halogen Lamps, one with a spot reflector the other with a flood reflector.  Each light is independently controlled, allowing the user to manually adjust lighting to dynamic environments.

The system includes the PTZ-550A HD Camera Head Assembly with integrated Sony FCB-EH7500, a Control Box for manipulation of the mechanical motions, the lighting system, and the advanced controls of the Full HD PTZ camera module itself. Also included is a 100 ft. Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable with deployment reel.

The PTZ-550A HD is easily implemented onto pre-existing mounting mechanism and was designed with being easily retrofitted to pre-existing inspection stations.


Common applications for the PTZ-550A HD include Nuclear Fuel Bundle/Serial Number Verification, Reactor Vessel, Large Pipe Inspections, Monitoring of Contaminated Rooms and Hot Cells, Steam Generator Bowl and Secondary Side Inspection, and Tanks and Vessels. Some other non-nuclear applications include Weld Inspections, Corrosion Evaluation, Fuel tank inspection and any kind of application where human access is either dangerous or impossible.

Our iShot® SeeUV® UV Camera Inspection Systems Provide a Visual of the Interior to Inspect Aircraft Engines with the Use of both UV and White Light

Inspect Aircraft Engines, Turbines, Landing Gear, Shafts, Drums and Spools

The iShot® SeeUV® VIBES®-S UV Camera Video Inspection and Bore Examination System is designed to inspect aircraft engines with UltraViolet inspections on bore surfaces of cylindrical components using FPI and MPI UV inspection methods. It provides high-resolution UV camera images, precise mechanical positioning, and is easy to use making the probability of detection (POD) better while reducing operator fatigue.

It is designed to carry out both UV and White Light inspect aircraft engines inspections on large aircraft components, such as shafts, drums and spools from engines and landing gear.

The inspection boom inspects aircraft engines with  a head diameter of 1.75 inches and a standard reach of 72 inches, other lengths available. Elevation, insertion and rotation are controlled independently with manual hand wheels, automated is available. The uv inspection camera images are delivered to the included high-resolution flat screen Sony LCD monitor swivel mounted on the heavy duty cart. Specalized uv camera filters and liquid light guides maximize UV transmission with peak output in the 365nm range while minimizing the white light content to inspect aircraft engines.

WebViewer® Accessory

We also offer the Motorized WebViewer® attachment to the VIBES® Boom or Free Standing WebViewer® platform. The webviewer provides high resolution UV and white light examinations of disc faces, bores, weld zone and radii in drums and spools. It is designed to deliver a camera into the tightest areas and view all surfaces, the Motorized WebViewer® provides high resolution, life-like color images of areas that are difficult to access by alternate inspection techniques.

The positioning system with encoded values of position displayed on-screen ensures that the camera is delivered into the component accurately, and easily. It permits 100% coverage with desired overlap and repeatable positioning for re-inspection.

Three included optical adapters viewing 0°, 60°aft, and 90°aft assure direct alignment with target surfaces. UV and white light levels are optimized for high contast viewing of flouresent indications. Macro positioning tools permit reach into bores as small at 102 mm diameter; see EM10919, EM10918, EM15612, and EM14110 and reference specifications in download area.

With the addition of optional 60° forward, and 90°forward optical adapters all web surfaces may be inspected with access from one side of component.

The LIBERTY USB 3.0 Interface Board – Designed for Use with Sony FCB-EV and EH Block Cameras

The LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board extends the range of cameras that can be integrated into products with applications and markets including Video Conferencing, Inspection Systems, UAVs, Robotics, Low Vision and Machine Vision. Click Here to view the full product page and specifications.

usb-3-interface-board-libertyThe LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board is capable of streaming 1080p at 30fps over USB3.0 and also includes push button inputs, PWM output for external LED light control and an efficient, selectable power supply for the attached camera. Also provided is a unique, free Software Development Kit for use with the LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board, the SDK includes an easy to use application programming interface API and the source code for the OneView viewer program.  Despite its relatively small size, LIBERTY USB 3.0 interface board can efficiently stream full HD video without compromise directly into a PC and is fully compatible with VREO’s viewer application OneView as well as other UVC programs. LIBERTY is very compact with dimensions of 37mm x 37mm x 12mm, this makes it the smallest solution of its kind.


usb-3-interface-board-for-sony-blocksusb-3-interface-board-for-sony-eh-and-ev-camerasUSB 3.0 board and Micro Coax Cable Kit for Sony  block cameras is capable of streaming 1080p at 30fps and includes a push button inputs for camera zoom control, PWM output for external LED light control, and an efficient selectable power supply for the attached camera. Compatible with Sony FCB-EV7500, FCB-EV7520, FCB-EV7300, FCB-EV7320, FCB-EV7310,  FCB-EV7100,  FCB-EV5500,  FCB-EV5300,  FCB-EV6500,  FCB-EV6300,  FCB-EV3410,  FCB-EV3310, and FCB-EV3150.

LIBERTY extends the range of cameras that can be integrated into your USB 3.0 products. This board provides a USB3.0 interface for the well established SONY FCB block cameras providing a cost effective way to bring USB 3.0 into your product lines, reducing time to market and development costs. LIBERTY is a very compact and efficient solution allowing a one cable interface to a PC and comes with free bespoke application called OneView which will help you evaluate the board and camera for your application.  LIBERTY is capable of streaming 1080p at 30fps over USB 3.0 and includes a push button inputs for camera zoom control, PWM output for external LED light control, and an efficient selectable power supply for the attached camera. As well as being powered completely over the USB bus, Liberty allows the user to command the camera using free bespoke program OneView.

LIBERTY communicates with the SONY Block cameras with a micro coaxial cable connected to the back of the board while also providing the power for the camera over the same connection, making auxiliary power cables optional.   The board also features a dip switch selectable power output for cameras which use a different voltage making a future camera upgrade or repair faster and much cheaper.

LIBERTY has a small form factor of only 37mm x 37mm x 12mm making it the smallest solution of its kind!  Even though the board is tiny, LIBERTY efficiently streams Full HD video without compromise directly into a PC and is fully compatible with free bespoke program OneView as well as other UVC programs.  LIBERTY is a perfect choice for both, brand new systems being designed for future use, and older systems that are getting updated and upgraded.

Introducing the Visible Welding® WeldWatch®.EDU Weld Camera Demonstration and Tutoring Station – Perfect Welding Techniques with Video Record and Play Back

InterTest® Inc. introduces the Visible Welding® WeldWatch®.EDU Weld Camera Demonstration and Tutoring Station: a 1-on-1 and group welding instructional tool using a state-of-the-art camera system and software. It can be difficult to teach welding techniques because of the nature of the welding process: the intense and bright arc, the base metal’s position and the students’ blocked line of sight may hinder efficient and effective learning. The WeldWatch.EDU demo and tutoring station helps overcome these obstacles by showing the weld clearly, safely and conveniently on a monitor for 1-on-1 and group welding instruction.

Learning welding technique requires students to witness live demonstrations, but more importantly, to weld metal themselves and receive critique on their practice welds. The WeldWatch.EDU Weld Camera demo and tutoring station lets the students to see the instructor’s techniques up on a large classroom display. Mark Prosser of Full-Bore Publishing says “being able to make a tiny little weld puddle become the size of a basketball on the big screen is an amazing teaching tool.” After a clear demonstration, students are free to practice these techniques on their own, in their booths or at the WeldWatch.EDU Weld Camera tutoring station.

During the student’s weld, the instructor can watch the image on-screen and offer real-time coaching, for example, “slow down” or “your arc is getting long”.

The  demo and tutoring station provides a unique student-teacher interaction in the classroom. During the student’s weld, the instructor can watch the image on-screen and offer real-time coaching (e.g. “slow down” or “your arc is getting long”). After the weld, the instructor and student review the video and data together.  The instructor can point out both good technique and those that need practice. After a short session, the student goes back to practice welds with a direction and a purpose.  “There is no replacement for hood time when developing welding skills,” Mark Prosser goes on to say, “but technology has made the learning process faster, easier [and more efficient.] This Visible Welding weld camera is evidence of that. We have seen the difference in our Full-Bore Live welding seminars. Students from all ages and walks of life love the camera.”

Instructor Testimonial Video

Visit our YouTube Channel for a demonstration of the WeldWatch Camera System

How is the WeldWatch.EDU Weld Camera demo and tutoring station able to capture such useful and clear images of the bright arc weld? It uses the Visible Welding WeldWatch® Ultra Dynamic Range Zoom Camera System for live viewing of various arc welding processes. A welding arc can be a million times brighter than the base and filler metals. The camera’s 140 dB ultra-dynamic range (UDR) of over 10,000,000 : 1 combined with software digital signal processing creates an evenly lit image that clearly shows the torch tip and surrounding metal.

The WeldWatch.EDU Tutoring includes the VAmpWatch™ volt and current sensor. The VAmpWatch is fully integrated within the Visible Welding WeldWatch software. This measures the volts and amps 1000 times per second and sends the data to a graph on the Visible Welding WeldWatch software. Volt and amp data plays back synchronized with the recorded video on the screen of the included Microsoft Surface™ Pro 4 tablet or on an optional big-screen monitor.

The above photo is an example of a typical WeldWatchEDU Demo and Tutoring Station set up with a 48″ monitor upgrade for group demonstration sessions.


The Visible Welding WeldWatch.EDU demo and tutoring station provides distinct and unique educational value in the classroom by aiding the instructor in teaching the process and technique of arc welding. The recorded video of students welding provides an opportunity for the instructor to coach and critique their techniques. Clear examples of “bad” vs. “good” welds may be demonstrated. On-screen volt and amp graphs give clear feedback on the effects of arc gap on power and the final weld. “As they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’,” Mark Prosser sums up, “When it comes to welding training, this camera is worth a whole novel.”

The Visible Welding® WeldWatch.EDU® Demo and Tutoring Station includes the Visible Welding® WeldWatch® Zoom Camera with mounting hardware, Visible Welding® WeldWatch® software preloaded on an industrialized Microsoft Surface™ Pro 4 tablet with mounting hardware, auxiliary lighting, and Visible Welding® WeldWatch® VAmpWatch™ Volt and Current Sensor.

InterTest® Introduces the iShot® XBlock® HDMI 4K POV Camera with Integrated Sony FCB-ER8300 Eagle Block Camera

The new, compact, iShot® XBlock® HDMI 4K POV Camera uses the Sony FCB-ER8300 Eagle block camera and boasts 4 times the resolution of 1080 Full HD imaging. Perfect for video security, video conferencing and broadcast applications, the integrated 4K Eagle Camera’s cutting-edge technology ensures the clearest and top quality picture over all environments.  Visit our booth at the NAB Show, Booth C-12350 


About the Sony FCB-ER8300 Eagle 4K Camera

Sony proudly introduces the first in a new family of 4K modules to its FCB block camera products. This new camera offers superb 4K resolution up to 20x zoom, thanks to Sony’s Exmor R® CMOS image sensor technology and an innovative super resolution zoom capability.

The new FCB-ER8300 block camera incorporates a 1/2.3-type Exmor R sensor capable of 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160, QFHD) up to 29.97p. The 4K Eagle camera features a high-quality 12x optical zoom lens which – when combined with super resolution zoom – can maintain 4K resolution up to 20x zoom, providing enhanced 4K visibility within a compact form factor.

This 4K Eagle FCB-ER8300 camera also inherits some of the unique features of Sony’s popular FCB Series cameras such as auto ICR, privacy zone masking, noise reduction and visibility enhancement, supporting use under challenging lighting conditions.

Superb Picture Quality with 4K CMOS Sensor

The Eagle 4K FCB-ER8300 employs a 1/2.3-type 4K CMOS sensor that offers a resolution four times higher than Full HD (1080p) for excellent detail and image quality.

Super Resolution Zoom

Unique to Sony, the super resolution zoom feature means the FCB-ER8300 can retain a compact size but achieve the equivalent of 20x zoom at full 4K resolution by intelligently combining the 12x optical lens with digital zoom for superb image quality over distance.

Low Power Consumption and Compact Design

This compact block camera is low in power consumption. In addition, the compact and lightweight body means you can install the 4K Eagle FCB-ER8300 in many different space-restricted environments.

Other Features

  • Auto ICR
  • Slow AE
  • Privacy zone masking
  • Defog
  • Noise reduction
  • Visibility enhancer

InterTest, Inc. is an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.

Introducing the FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 – Sony’s New Full HD High Sensitivity Color Block Cameras,1080p60

Introducing Sony’s new high-sensitivity, high-quality FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 block cameras.

The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 models incorporate Sony’s latest 1/2.8 type Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor with Full HD video (1920 x 1080) at 60 fps for extrodinary sensitivity.

The new FCB-EV series cameras offer 20x and 30x optical zoom plus a multitude of Sony’s world-renowned FCB features including Auto ICR, Spherical Privacy Zone Masking (PZM) and settable defog.

Sony FCB-EV7320 and FCB-EV7520








Sony FCB-EV7520:  2.13 megapixel FHD Block Camera @ 60fps and 30x Optical Zoom

Sony FCB-EV7320:  2.13 megapixel FHD Block Camera @ 60fps and 20x Optical Zoom

Upgraded Features & Benefits

Wide-D Mode:  The new Sony FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras monitor the luminance differences within an image in high contrast environments and boast a key improvement of 130dB when set to max WDR.

Privacy Zone Masking:  Privacy Zone Masking protects private objects and areas such as house windows, entrances, and exits which are within the camera’s range of vision but not subject to surveillance. Privacy zones can be masked on the monitor to protect privacy.

Defog mode:  When the surrounding area of the subject is foggy and low contrast, the defog mode will make the subject appear clearer.  Defog features user-adjustable levels for the first time camera initialization.

Auto ICR Function:  The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras feature a high sensitivity imager, ideal for day/night functions.

Features and Benefits

The FCB-EV7520 and FCB-EV7320 cameras capture crisp, clear Full-HD (1080/60p) images:  The high-performance 1/2.8-type Exmor R CMOS image sensor achieves superb Full-HD (1920 x 1080) picture quality, even in low-light environments. Progressive scanning assures smoother pictures with reduced blur – ideal for capturing the detail in moving images.

Digital Output (Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2):  The digital LVDS interface provides easy access for IP and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Thanks to the digital interface, the quality of the camera’s video signal is maintained with minimal deterioration.  This can lead to cost savings due to the direct connection with codecs/systems without the need for any additional components.

Get a steadier picture with image stabilizer:  The camera’s built-in image stabilizer function counters the effect of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration. This is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications, particularly if the camera is used on a bridge or mounting pole where there is vibration.

Color Enhancement:  Ideally suited for low vision applications, new color enhancement options can make reading text and pictures less challenging.   Available options include monochrome, binary, inverted and enhanced color modes.

Additional Key Features

  • Digital 2D/3D Noise Reduction
  • Spherical Zone Masking
  • Motion Detection Alarm
  • Camera mode display feature
  • Picture Effects: E-Flip, Nega Art, Black & White, Mirror Image, Color Enhancement
  • Electronic shutter/slow shutter
  • TTL signal-level control (VISCA protocol)

Low-Light Suggested Applications

  • Security Surveillance
  • Intelligent Traffic
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Video Conferencing


InterTest, Inc. is an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.


Keeping Pace in Inspection Technology – Weld Cameras

Our exciting new WeldWatch® Weld Cameras System was featured in the November Issue of the Welding Journal. The article explores the advancement of visual aids and technology when monitoring or inspecting the quality of a weld. InterTest is proud to be one of the leaders in providing state of the art technology for visual inspection and monitoring of MIG, TIG, GTAW and Laser welds.  Article by William Habermann, Technical Product Coordinator. Visit our website for more information about our weld cameras.

Weld Camera Weld Watch by Visible WeldingWeld Camera Weld Watch by Visible WeldingWeld Camera Weld Watch by Visible Welding

iShot® iGrab™ Manual FOSAR Snare Retrieval Tool – Available in 1.4mm and 4mm OD

Recover objects from inaccessible areas with the iShot® iGrab™ 1.4mm or 4mm OD FOSAR Snare retrieval tool. Operating standalone or mounted to a video probe, these stainless steel instruments bend through twisting passages to retrieve foreign objects.fosar-snare-retrieval-tool

Shown Above: FOSAR Snare Retrieval Tool with 1.4mm OD


The 1.4mm FOSAR Snare retrieval tool is available in lengths of 10 or 20 feet.   the 4mm FOSAR Snare retrieval tool is available in lengths of 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet.

The plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the FOSAR Snare retrieval tools when removing foreign objects from small openings located in inaccessible areas.

1.4mm OD Snare Retrieval Tool Overview:

  • 1.4mm outer diameter x 10 or 20 feet in length
  • Plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the Snare FOSAR retrieval tool
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safely retrieve foreign objects from small, inaccessible areas
  • Works well with video borescopes

4mm OD Snare Retrieval Tool Overview:

  • 4mm outer diameter snare retrieval tool
  • Lengths available: 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet, 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet
  • Plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the Snare FOSAR retrieval tool
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safely retrieve foreign objects from small, inaccessible areas
  • Works well with video borescopes

Blackhawk Technical College, Visible Welding® WeldWatch™ Weld Camera Featured in the Beloit Daily News Yearbook

The Blackhawk Technical College was recently featured in the The Beloit Daily News highlighting the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center. The article photo of BTC’s welding school featured the Visible Welding® WeldWatch™ Weld Camera System.

The Visible Welding® WeldWatch™ Weld Camera System enhances the “hands on” welding experience by allowing the instructor to record, view and discuss the student’s welding performance.  From beginner to expert, the Visible Welding® WeldWatch™ weld camera captures both the “do’s and the don’ts” for the majority of today’s welding processes.

Photo Credit:  Beloit Daily News and Blackhawk Technical College

Advanced Manufacturing Center Helping Build a Skilled Workforce

Article by Hillary Gavan

Beloit Daily News

The new Blackhawk Technical College advanced manufacturing training center in Milton is offering rock County employers skilled workers and helping jobseekers prepare for promising careers.

“We want to make sure we are meeting the needs of industry, both with equipment and curriculum”, said Blackhawk Technical College Dean of Advanced Manufacturing Gary Krause. “A great number of our programs are undergoing a needs assessment to make sure they are current, relevant and are rigorous.”

“The first step in creating a world class advanced manufacturing region starts with creating a large talent pipeline”, said Marketing and Communications Manager Gary Cohen.   . . .

Snapshot of Article in the Beloit Daily News