iShot® XBlock® HD IP Camera Integrates the Sony FCB-EH6500 Block Camera with an IP Ethernet Connection

iShot® XBlock® HD IP Camera integrates the Sony FCB-EH6500 block camera with an IP Ethernet connection in a rugged, indoor housing. The Sony FCB-EH6500 block camera offers full 1920 x 1080/30p high definition output with a 30x zoom. Other features include digital LDVS interface, auto Wide D mode, enhanced wide D mode (sodium vapor lamp) and color enhanceement for low vision applications.


iShot® XBlock® Integrated Sony FCB-EH6500 with IP Connection

IP Ethernet Interface for Sony FCB-EH6500 with a 32bit RISC Processor/Embedded Linux.  ONVIF / ONVIF-S compliant.  RJ-45(10/100M Ethernet LAN) Video Output with a data transfer of 30 FPS.  H.264(MPEG-4 AVC Part 10.)/M-JPEG Dual Stream, JPEG CODEC.  NETWORK Protocol:  HTTP, TCP/IP, telnet, ftp, NTP, RTP/RTSP(Unicast/Multicast), SMTP, DHCP, PPPoE, UPnP, RARP, PPP, PAP, CHAP, UDP, SNMP, Onvif, PSIA etc.


iShot® XBlock® Sony FCB-EH6500 IP and Power Connections

Integrated Sony FCB-EH6500 Color HD Block Camera. The FCB-EH6500 impressive block camera model extends application possibilities and features full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. The Sony FCB-EH6500 incorporates a 1/2.8-type Exmor™ CMOS image sensor, boasting approximately 3,270,000 effective pixels for exceptional picture quality. Other features, such as Wide-D, Auto ICR and Spherical Privacy Zone Masking, make the FCB-EH6500 ideally suited for security and surveillance system integrations.  Available picture effects include Color Enhancement, E-flip, Nega Art, Black & White, and Mirror Image.

Full 1920 x 1080/30p High Definition:

Ideally suited for Security monitoring applications, the Sony FCB-EH6500 HD block camera offers full 1920 x 1080/30p high definition output.

Digital Output (Y/Cb/Cr 4:2:2):

The digital LDVS interface provides easy access for IP and Gigabit Ethernet applications. Thanks to the digital interface, the quality of the camera’s video signal is maintained with minimal deterioration. This can lead to cost savings due to the direct connection with codecs/systems without the need for any additional components.

Temperature Readout:

The value of the internal temperature of the Sony FCB-EH6500 can be read out via the VISCA™ protocol. When checking the internal temperature of equipment (i.e., speed dome unit), it is possible to use this data to turn a fan or heater on/off inside the equipment as needed.

Color Enhancement:

Ideally suited for low vision applications, new color enhancement options can make reading text and pictures less challenging. Available options include monochrome, binary, inverted and enhanced color modes,

Auto Wide-D Mode:

The new Sony FCB-EH6500 camera monitors the luminance differences within an image in high contrast environments and automatically switches on and off the Wide-D feature according to the contrasted lighting environment. In addition, it is possible to select three levels of luminance differences (low/mid/high).

Additional Wide-D Modes:

In addition to the Auto Wide-D mode, the new Sony FCB-EH6500 camera features additional modes, including Indoor, Outdoor, One-push WB, ATW, Manual, Sodium Vapor Lamp.

Auto ICR Function:

The Sony FCB-EH6500 features a high sensitivity imager, ideal for day/night functions at less than 0.5 lux (F1.6, 50 IRE) with high-sensitivity mode on.

InterTest, Inc. Signs an Exclusive Contract with Interface Board Manufacturer eVision Systems GmbH – Sony FCB Interface Boards

InterTest, Inc., in Columbia NJ USA and the eVision Systems GmbH, in Germany sign an exclusive contract agreement for the distribution of the Aivion brand interface boards, a valuable add-on to the Sony FCB-EX, EX-E and FCB-EH high definition block camera modules, Sony fcb interface boards.

eVision develops and produces interface boards under the brand Aivion and under the newly signed contract, distributes through InterTest, Inc. in the USA. The interface boards convert the LVDS image data of the Sony FCB series of block cameras to different signal formats including HDMI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, DVI and USB with control via an RS-232 interface.  The new technology of the Digital interface boards are now available for the Sony high definition FCB-EH series and the new FCB-EX-E series of color block cameras.

Aivion offers an HD-SDI interface board capable of picture in picture with the use of two cameras. Control of the two block modules is achieved through a separate controller for each camera. The images from the two cameras appear on the monitor, as picture in picture using Sony FCB interface boards. The Image flip feature, “mirroring of the image” is also available and enables the the mirroring in the X or Y direction.  In addition, Aivion offers dual format boards including an HD-SDI and HDMI Sony FCB interface boards and an HD-SDI and USB SOny FCB interface boards for use with the Sony FCB EH6500, FCB-EH6300, FCB-EH3150, FCB-SE600, FCB-EH3410, FCB-EH3310, and FCB-MA130 block cameras.

“The new Aivion interface boards from eVision mean real value-added products for our Sony FCB camera integrations, “says Thomas Daly, Vice President and Sales Manager of InterTest. “The boards open up many new markets and applications for our customers. With eVision, we rely on a German manufacturer who in recent years has provided enormous technical know-how in digital data processing for cameras. eVision also provides the necessary flexibility and ability to quickly react to specific customer and market requirements, enabling InterTest to make enormous strides in product development.”

“InterTest has many years of experience in sales with Sony FCB cameras and is therefore the ideal distribution partner for us, “says Schoeppner Werner, Director of eVision. “We are convinced that in our cooperation in the product development and sales and along with our technical expertise Relation to perfectly complements Intertest’s integrations of Sony FCB cameras.”

InterTest, Inc. is an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.



Established in 1981, InterTest Inc. offers RVI and NDT systems, as well as, custom engineered solutions manufactured in our NJ facility. Our customers include, but are not limited to the following industries; Aerospace, Security, Welding, Nuclear & Water Power Generation, Refineries, Mines, Bridge & Highways and Military.

Sony Announces Authorized National Systems Integrator For Visual Imaging Products, Sony Block Camera s

InterTest Opens Opportunities for Innovators to Leverage Sony Block Camera Technology

CHICAGO, Mar. 21, 2011 (Automate 2011, Booth 628)

Sony Electronics announced today that InterTest, Inc, a supplier of specialized vision products, remote visual inspection (RVI) tools, and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment, will be named an Authorized National Systems Integrator for Sony’s Visual Imaging Products division.

This enhancement to the long-standing relationship between Sony and InterTest is an addition to the existing distribution channel. It is designed to serve an emerging class of entrepreneurial companies bringing new concepts to market integrating Sony block camera with novel applications as diverse as IED remote disposal robots for surveillance and defense applications, helmet cams for sports broadcasting and borescopes for various inspection applications including nuclear and water power generation plants, automotive, air craft and general manufacturing.

“With InterTest taking on the role of an Authorized National Systems Integrator, start-ups and other companies with integration requirements but limited engineering capabilities will be better able to utilize Sony visual imaging products with InterTest’s integration talents,” said Ken LaMarca, vice president of the visual imaging products division at Sony Electronics. “This represents a new, vibrant growth area where innovative products and integration solutions create opportunity.”

“As Sony’s Authorized National Systems Integrator, we facilitate innovation in a new market segment that has emerged over the past five years,” said Bill Habermann, President and Co-Founder, InterTest. “Leveraging InterTest’s expertise with application- specific packaging of Sony block camera technology helps this new class of niche players speed products to market while lowering their development costs.”

Sony and InterTest will work together to continue to bring high-quality vision cameras and superb integration solutions to companies of all sizes.


Established in 1981, InterTest, Inc. offers RVI and NDT systems, as well as, custom engineered solutions manufactured in our NJ facility. Our customers include, but are not limited to the following industries: Aerospace, Security, Welding, Nuclear & Water Power Generation, Refineries, Mines, Bridge & Highways and Military.