Our iShot® SeeUV® UV Camera Inspection Systems Provide a Visual of the Interior to Inspect Aircraft Engines with the Use of both UV and White Light

Inspect Aircraft Engines, Turbines, Landing Gear, Shafts, Drums and Spools

The iShot® SeeUV® VIBES®-S UV Camera Video Inspection and Bore Examination System is designed to inspect aircraft engines with UltraViolet inspections on bore surfaces of cylindrical components using FPI and MPI UV inspection methods. It provides high-resolution UV camera images, precise mechanical positioning, and is easy to use making the probability of detection (POD) better while reducing operator fatigue.

It is designed to carry out both UV and White Light inspect aircraft engines inspections on large aircraft components, such as shafts, drums and spools from engines and landing gear.

The inspection boom inspects aircraft engines with  a head diameter of 1.75 inches and a standard reach of 72 inches, other lengths available. Elevation, insertion and rotation are controlled independently with manual hand wheels, automated is available. The uv inspection camera images are delivered to the included high-resolution flat screen Sony LCD monitor swivel mounted on the heavy duty cart. Specalized uv camera filters and liquid light guides maximize UV transmission with peak output in the 365nm range while minimizing the white light content to inspect aircraft engines.

WebViewer® Accessory

We also offer the Motorized WebViewer® attachment to the VIBES® Boom or Free Standing WebViewer® platform. The webviewer provides high resolution UV and white light examinations of disc faces, bores, weld zone and radii in drums and spools. It is designed to deliver a camera into the tightest areas and view all surfaces, the Motorized WebViewer® provides high resolution, life-like color images of areas that are difficult to access by alternate inspection techniques.

The positioning system with encoded values of position displayed on-screen ensures that the camera is delivered into the component accurately, and easily. It permits 100% coverage with desired overlap and repeatable positioning for re-inspection.

Three included optical adapters viewing 0°, 60°aft, and 90°aft assure direct alignment with target surfaces. UV and white light levels are optimized for high contast viewing of flouresent indications. Macro positioning tools permit reach into bores as small at 102 mm diameter; see EM10919, EM10918, EM15612, and EM14110 and reference specifications in download area.

With the addition of optional 60° forward, and 90°forward optical adapters all web surfaces may be inspected with access from one side of component.

Inspect the Interior Part Surfaces with Simultaneous and Independent White and UV Illumination with the New UV Camera, iShot® SeeUV® PoleCam 1000

InterTest, Inc. of Columbia, NJ is proud to announce its newest addition to the SeeUV® Inspection System Series of UV Cameras: The white and ultra violet light SeeUV® PoleCam 1000. With high grade optics and simultaneous white and UV light for Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspections (MP and FPI), the versatile 1.00” diameter UV camera  on a pole makes inspection of hard-to-reach internal surfaces quick and easy. InterTest, Inc. engineers designed the PoleCam 1000 for inspection of a variety of parts and components for the aerospace, power generation and manufacturing industries.

The SeeUV® PoleCam 1000 uses a high grade CCD image sensor combined with 5 interchangeable optical adapters for an all-angle, remote visual inspection. The ¼” image sensor, in either NTSC or PAL format, delivers high quality video at 460-470 lines of resolution. The PoleCam 1000 uses patented interchangeable optical adapters in 0, 45, 60, 90 degrees (both wide and narrow field of views) to provide the user with a variety of angled views. Combined with a remote focus feature, the PoleCam 1000 UV camera achieves close-to-complete coverage of all surface detail.

In conjunction with the quality image, the SeeUV® PoleCam 1000 has unique white and UV light illumination capability. To be thorough with examination of component internals, InterTest, Inc. designed the PoleCam 1000 with independent white and UV illumination. The light spectrum for white and UV is uniform across the field of view for superior spectral content for Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection.

InterTest, Inc. specifically designed the SeeUV® PoleCam 1000 with versatility for UV inspection in mind. The aerospace, power generation and manufacturing industries have a variety of parts and components with various shapes and sizes. The PoleCam 1000 UV camera does not limit the user to any fixtures so inspection can be achieved quickly and efficiently. The PoleCam 1000 1.00” diameter and custom lengths leave no UV inspection too difficult for any industry.